Innovative Home Services

At Adaptive Home Solutions, your unique needs result in a personalized solution for you.

  • Virtual Home Inventories – for insurance, legacy planning, maintenance, and major purchase planning.
  • Major Appliance Service Logs and associated records.
Adaptive Home Solutions

Virtual Home Inventories

As an organization and virtual home inventory specialist, I ensure my client’s home and possessions are inventoried and documented for a number of reasons. Including:

  • Insurance replacement needs & accurate coverage
  • Legacy planning
  • Knowing what you have and managing what you have.
  • Budgeting major purchases out for the future.

What to expect

I work with you to find out your specific needs and concerns. We discuss your options and determine the plan that is right for you. I perform your virtual home inventory documenting your home, all it's contents, and condition.  It can take from a couple of hours to several hours depending on the size of your home.  

I will refine the video which may take several days.  I will schedule time to meet with you and review the results. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  

Adaptive Home Solutions

Virtual Home Inventory for Insurance Purposes

Having current documentation is critical to proving loss in the event of an insurance claim. I provide a comprehensive video record of your home's condition. I provide two flash drives to you with your recorded details.  I recommend keeping one at home and the other with family or your safety deposit box. 

Adaptive Home Solutions

Major Appliances

Have you ever had an appliance break down and you thought you knew how old it was?  Or what the exact issue was when you had service performed on it?  I can help you with that!

I document and organize your major appliance information. Make, model, serial number, year purchased, and correlate your service records into one easy to find portfolio.  You will receive both a hard copy and an electronic copy of your service logs that can be updated with information as needed.  You will receive a metal portfolio to store your information in one convenient spot to provide easy access to your records when you need them.

Adaptive Home Solutions

Being Prepared for the Future

Your home is your most valuable asset. I recommend homeowners have a plan to maintain their home and protect its value. Planning for maintenance and major expenses can alleviate stress by being proactive. 

Knowing what you have can help you save time, money, and effort and help you stay organized finding the information you need about your home and your possessions when you need it. 

Adaptive Home Solutions

Legacy Planning

Gain peace of mind knowing you have taken the time to create a helpful inventory of your home's contents.  Your family will appreciate your thoughtfulness and preparedness when the time comes.

Your collections and treasures are documented for you that may bring up many memories and stories to share. 

Collections such as:

  • Artwork, Jewelry, Minatures
  • Musical > Instruments, Vinyls, CD
  • Movie Memorabilia
  • Quilts, Antiques, Books